New Ground Breaking Plant Based Cups From eGreen

VeriGreen cups from eGreen - cheers!

eGreen, a pioneer in the world of packaging and tableware is the first to bring cups made from 100% renewable resources to the UK market. Switching production from virgin fossil fuels to a bio‑based polypropylene, the new VeriGreen range is primarily sourced from recycled plant oil, used in the hospitality industry. Careful to ensure that the credentials of the new material flow through the whole supply chain, eGreen has taken steps to reassure their customers by gaining an industry standard certification which audits the material source from cradle to the point of sale.

Manufactured in the UK, the material shows an impressive 180% reduction in CO2 from cradle to Gate, this has been calculated by a detailed Life Cycle assessment (LCA) provided by the raw material supplier. In addition, emissions are also reduced as goods can travel directly from the point of manufacture to the customer, keeping the miles travelled and emissions to an absolute minimum.

A selection of VeriGreen cups from eGreen Clear, robust and cost effective the cups have strong benefits, particularly when serving Beers and ciders over paper cups, as VeriGreen benefits from being made from a mono material, this makes collection and recycling easier than paper cups, which use two materials requiring separation.

Being completely transparent, the VeriGreen cups make serving easier ensuring that the operator is providing the correct measure and isn’t losing liquid and the consumer is getting a full pint. This is particularly the case in busy bars at festivals and events where there is often pressure to serve quickly.

eGreen has also been able produce the cups using the now popular Self‑Destruct technology. So, if for any reason the cups escape collection and recycling, and are left in the open air, they will break down into an earth friendly wax, which fully biodegrades within two years, leaving no trace of microplastics and toxins. This is further reinforced by the certification PAS 9017:2020.

Caroline Wiggins, Chief Executive of eGreen, comments: “Our new VeriGreen cups give customers and exciting proposition that can help them reach their environmental targets. Our claims are reinforced by accreditations which give customers added confidence.

VeriGreen cups from eGreen - this is no ordinary cup “Each cup features a unique message which underlines the product benefits and a QR Code which gives consumers more information about our technology. This therefore is educational tool which operators should perceive as a real benefit. Key target markets and customers are festivals, stadia, concerts, large scale events, universities, schools and drinks brands.”

eGreen’s pledge to put the environment at the heart of the business is key to the company’s product development. VeriGreen is the one of many new innovative products that will combine to have a positive impact on the world around us.

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Four sustainabile, environmental VeriGreen cups from eGreen