It’s GKB For GBB!

GKB's Deep Clean 150

As the team at GBB Services look to extend their operation to include the maintenance and cleaning of synthetic surfaces, it’s a Deep Clean from GKB Machines trusted with the task at hand. The Harrogate‑based sports turf contractors purchased the unit in early 2024 having identified a number of 3G and 4G installations in their local area and have already seen dramatic improvements in pitch presentation and playability in as little as a one pass.

Family‑run GBB Services offer a wide range of landscaping and groundwork services for commercial and domestic customers across North Yorkshire. For sports surfaces, Owner George Booth along with business partner Iain Bullock and their small team can offer the full complement of maintenance operations – including those for synthetic turf with their recent purchase from GKB. “We know a number of facilities locally, particularly schools, that conduct regular brushing but maybe don’t have the time or resources to carry out the more thorough cleaning that’s required” George explains.

“We spoke to Tom Shinkins at GKB about the cleaning systems available and he brought the Deep Clean in for a demo. The day was particularly wet, but even in those challenging conditions we could see how effective it was and so purchased the machine there and then!”

The GKB Deep Clean quickly and effectively screens and clean‑out contaminants from a synthetic surface in a single pass. The combination of a vibrating screen and vacuum unit removes dirt, dust and other detritus returning clean, de‑compacted infill to the surface for optimal visual and play performance.

“We’ve had to wait for the weather to play ball but have now had the Deep Clean out conducting its first job on a sand‑dressed pitch at a local school and it did a really great job. It stood the pile up, removed a surprising amount of contamination and left a really good finish which meant the whole job was complete in a matter of a few hours.”

“We can now move onto the next job with the confidence of knowing the optimal set‑up and speed required to achieve the desired results.” He continues, “I think we’re yet to discover the full potential of this machine, but with the support of Tom at GKB who has been excellent, Iain and I undoubtedly see it opening new doors for us which we’re excited about.”