FireDNA Digitally Monitors Fire Doors And Passive Fire Products


With the new Fire Safety Regulations having been in force for a couple of months, Contractors, Fire Door Inspectors and Building Owners see the real benefit in using FireDNA.

FireDNA is cloud-based Software and a Mobile App that has been developed for everyone involved in Passive Fire Product Manufacture, Installation, Inspection, Management and Maintenance. As well as for those that live and work within environments where passive fire products are installed, and have a crucial role to play in fire safety and prevention.

FireDNA software catalogues Manufacturers product data, digitally shares it with Contractors and Installers, who in turn add their installation data, passing that onto Building Owners, Facilities Management Teams and Tenant Management Organisations.

That data can then be used by Building Control, Maintenance Teams, Fire Inspectors and viewed by Tenants and Residents alike, with a simple swipe of a smartphone or mobile device.

Building Owners And/Or The 'Responsible Persons'

Our software enables Building Owners, Facilities Managers and Tenant Management Organisations to save considerable time and money on their compliance reporting. They are able to organise quarterly and annual inspections and have the results immediately accessible to digitally share with interested third parties and stakeholders.

London City Island, Leamouth Peninsula, - courtesy of Ballymore The FireDNA Software and Mobile App has recently been deployed by asset management firm BAML* to inspect and monitor 25,000 Fire Doors across 10 of its large London developments including Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms, Wardian London’s iconic two towers in Canary Wharf, Royal Wharf in the Royal Docks area and the Brentford town centre regeneration project adjacent to the River Brent.

With the new Regulation 10 having come into force on the 23rd January, owners of buildings over 11 metres are required to carry out quarterly checks and annual inspections on all fire doors. Following a demonstration of our software, BAML immediately saw the benefits FireDNA delivers, not only through the time and cost savings, but also in the ease of use and accessibility of the data.

You can read the news article here.

(*BAML is a property management organisation providing customer-focused services to residents in more than 11,000 homes across London. This includes managing the planned maintenance, capital expenditure programmes and financial accounting and onsite services.)

For Building Owners, FM’s and TMO’s our Asset Management and O&M Manual features allow you to 'digitally comply' with the new Regulation 10 and BS 8644-1 with ease.

Our software features enable you to:

  • Create or take ownership of compliant records that support the O&M Manual
  • Oversee all changes making sure they are digitally logged so the full product lifecycle is preserved and protected
  • Assign system users and set permissions (in‑house administrators / maintenance teams)
  • Share buildings, floors and products with external suppliers and Fire-DNA Data Partners for ongoing maintenance and remedial works
  • Create and share work schedules for ongoing maintenance and inspections
  • Share your buildings compliance status with other interested third parties (Insurers, Building Control, Fire Services etc.)

Which delivers numerous benefits including:

  • 24/7 accessibility, worldwide, on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Single or multiple building locations, with up-to-the-minute 'consistently formatted' data in a centralised repository
  • Totally secure, hosted on Microsoft Azure which is a sustainable 'carbon neutral' cloud infrastructure
  • Time and cost savings, due to our fully paperless recording, auditing and reporting functions
  • Reduced risk and liability, our system can help give greater protection, can reduce liability and helps with compliance and insurance evaluation
FireDNA Dashboard on a mobile phone

Fire Door Inspectors

FireDNA Fire Door inspection

For qualified Inspectors FireDNA has shown it can half the time in carrying out surveys and inspections of Fire Doors and Doorsets compared with their existing methods. In addition, it also negates the need for time intensive paperwork and has shown to save significant time (up to 70%) in creating inspection reports and remedial costing documentation.

On a recent project undertaken on behalf of Mitie for the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service our software was used. The project included inspection and reporting on 9422 fire doors, across 357 sites, within 547 buildings. As a result, FireDNA was instrumental in bringing the project in on time and within budget.

You can read the full case study here.

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To find out how FireDNA can assist you with your fire safety and digital compliance, or for more information about our products and services visit: or call our team on 01403 597590.

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FireDNA Digitally Monitors Fire Doors And Passive Fire Products