Accredit 365 Set To Help Facilities Navigate COVID-19 Regulations

Accredit Solutions CEO, Peder Berg

Accredit Solutions CEO, Peder Berg

London-based software and accreditation experts, Accredit Solutions, has launched Accredit 365 – a new contractor management platform that gives users the ability to record, track and control who is in their facility 365 days of the year.

It is the latest product from the company behind the award-winning Accredit Platform – accreditation software used by Premier League and English Football League clubs and their stadiums, International Cricket Council, and The Rugby Football Union, to name a few.

“COVID-19 is forcing facility and venue managers to prioritise and implement new health, safety and security protocols for their facilities. Not just during events, but every day of the year. Facility Managers need to be confident they are operating a COVID-safe environment and to do that, they need a way to record, track and control the staff and workers in their facility at all times. Accredit 365 does that for them and provides a centralised solution for managing that information.” explains Accredit Solutions CEO, Peder Berg.

Development of Accredit 365 has been borne from the company’s experience of working with stadium operators, entertainment venues and event organisers over a period spanning almost 20 years.

“The principles of keeping a facility safe and secure - be that a stadium, arena, theme park, tourist landmark, hospital, manufacturing plant or any high-security site – are the same across all industries and geographies. Our vast experience of working with some of the world’s best-known sporting brands and largest venues provides a comprehensive insight into how other facilities can, and should be protecting their space” adds Berg.

Developed to help Facility Managers manage access for contractors, key features of the platform include the ability for staff to log a maintenance job and assign contractors; collect necessary documentation such as Risk Assessments; capture data from individuals including licences and insurance; conduct on-line introductions, process and print accreditation passes; and record, track and control who is in the venue.

“COVID-19 is just another reason why those in-charge of a facility should be tracking and controlling who has access to their venue. Illegal workers, terrorist groups and increasingly, the Insider Threat, mean it has never been more important to know exactly who is in your space” concludes Berg.

Accredit Solutions has offices in London, Lisbon, Dubai, Melbourne and North Carolina, USA.

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