SEAH Stadium Sponsorship For AFC Telford United

Natalie Pietrzyk, Director and Founder of SEAH, and Ian Dosser, Chairman of AFC Telford United, standing in front of the new stadium sponsorship sign AFC Telford United have announced their first‑ever stadium sponsorship in the 20‑year history of the Club.

SEAH are already an existing sponsor of The Lillywhites and this is a very material and important extension to the current relationship with them.

With immediate effect their stadium will become known as the ‘SEAH Stadium’ for the next two seasons 2024/25 and 2025/26.

SEAH have taken responsibility for supplying new boards and signage for the stadium and installation of these took place immediately.

Natalie Pietrzyk, Director and Founder of SEAH said: “As a Telford‑based company, SEAH are delighted to be the stadium sponsor for AFC Telford, a club that is rooted in the community, a club that really understands the value of local support. We are looking forward to supporting the men’s and women’s teams and wish them a very successful season.”

Ian Dosser, Chairman of AFC Telford United said: “We are very excited that SEAH has chosen to extend their current relationship with us. Both their values and importance in the community are very much aligned with those of AFC Telford United and we very much look forward to further developing what is already a great partnership with SEAH.

“Thank you to Natalie and our Commercial Sales Manager Aimée Lauder for their great working together both on the existing relationship and this hugely important extension to include stadium sponsorship. We acknowledge that changing the stadium name is a big step, but SEAH have a very positive reputation and this along with other new income streams we are working on helps make us even more competitive on the field.”

Image Credit: AFC Telford United.